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Alaska Charter Yachts is a group of like-minded companies conducting pleasure cruises, primarily in Alaska. We specialize in highly personalized and customized Alaska adventure cruises. We operate small Alaska cruises and charters geared towards the specific wants and needs of our customers.

Alaska Charter Yachts offers a wide range of highly flexible itineraries, suiting the needs and interests of everyone. Whether you're looking for an Alaska glacier cruise with the family or would like to set off on a bird watching vacation with friends, we can meet your needs. We are flexible in terms of scheduling, cuisine and beverage preferences, accommodations, and activities. We have a wide selection of fine wines and micro brew beer, and would be more then happy to make specific beverages available at your request.

All of the vessels operating with Alaska Charter Yachts are excellent candidates for exploring the waters of Southeast Alaska, with each offering its own special touch. We firmly stand behind all of the cruises that we book, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind adventure, whether it be an Alaska whale watching cruise, an Alaska wildlife viewing cruise, or an Alaska glacier cruise, the opportunities are endless and your imagination is the limit.

One of the greatest facets of Alaska Charter Yachts is the gourmet food served on our cruises. We have chefs available for all of our cruises and charters, ready to prepare a wide range of fare, from traditional Alaskan cuisine to international dishes. We are happy to cater to any special requests and cooking the catch of the day is always a fun activity.

Alaska kayaking is one of the most popular activities for passengers aboard Alaska Charter Yachts cruises. Alaska kayaking is different from kayaking anywhere else in the world. The dramatic scenes which comprise the marine wilderness of Southeastern Alaska are explored in no better way then by kayak. All of our vessels carry sea kayaks, affording you the opportunity to explore any clandestine destinations of your choice. Excursions to land are also a snap, either by sea kayak or by way of our skiffs. Each of our vessels has at least one skiff aboard.

Alaska wildlife viewing is another popular theme of our cruises. The diverse collection of wildlife that can be found here is exceptionally abundant and visible. On any given Alaska wildlife viewing cruise you are likely to see whales, moose, sea otters, sea lions, bears, and eagles. There are thousands of species of plant and animal life in Alaska, many of which are most easily accessed by way of small boat. Fishing is one of the most popular adventure cruise activity. Each years anglers from every corner of the globe make their way to Alaska to try their hand at some of the most highly revered and sought-after fish in the world. All of our cruises offer numerous fishing opportunities, suitable for fishermen of all ages and abilities.

The glaciers of Alaska are one of its biggest draw for visitors. Alaska glacier cruises are always exciting and never disappointing. Nowhere else in North America does there exist such a diverse and abundant collection of glaciers. Glacier cruises can hit many different glaciers in a very short time. Photography opportunities on glacier cruises are breathtaking. Seeing the massive power of calving glaciers is simply amazing. Alaska glacier cruises are very popular and a guarantee for some spectacular scenes.

We hope you'll take a closer look at our vessels and the trips that we offer. We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can share in an Alaska adventure cruise soon!

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Whale breaching (top picture)- Copyright John Hyde, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

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